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Bryony Mair (BlushingBryde)

© 2019 Bryony Mair (BlushingBryde)



Affinity is a game available on that was developed for the Rainbow Game Jam 2019. Players take the role of a young, questioning MtF person on a journey through an abstract dreamscape as they discover who they truly are.

- Players exist in an abstract world that is queer coded but are also given the opportunity to explore the queer perspectives of others – Meeting both Queer World and Queer You criteria.

- Experience stories of those in the transgender community. Offers the players to explore perspectives that can help them come to terms with their own gender expression and/or increase understanding and empathy as allies.

- Created by Bryony Mair (BlushingBryde), a transgender game developer.

- Available to be played for free on

Content Warning:
- Game contains mild references of suicide

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