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Best Friend Forever


Best Friend Forever is the world’s first simulation game to combine pet care and dating (just not necessarily at the same time). Train, pat and play with your very own dog to form a bond that will last the ages. Spend quality time with your dog to raise its stats and pass Paws Academy. Go everywhere with your best friend — your dog interacts with you and the narrative as it happens. With your four-legged companion by your side, meet, woo and cherish the many cuties of Rainbow Bay’s thriving singles scene. Pet the dogs – then, the owners. So what are you waiting for? Love is just a woof away!

- Players can create their own gender and sexuality expression and date any of the human characters. – Meeting the Queer Me criteria.

- Players can pick their pronouns and customise their characters however they want and love whoever they want.

- The romanceable characters are diverse and representation various races, genders and disabilities.

- The game studio, Starcolt, is made up of LGBTQ+ members and the studio worked with many consultants to ensure the representation was done well.

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