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Brianna Lei

© 2017 Brianna Lei

Butterfly Soup


Butterfly Soup is a visual novel about four young, queer Asian-American girls in high school. Set in 2008, these girls exist during the election time of Proposition 8, an amendment that sought to eliminate the rights of same-sex couples in California. As members of the school baseball club, the girls navigate their first year of school, their sexualities and their place in the world.

- Players take on the role of high school girls during a time of heightened tensions around LGBTQ+ rights. The specific construction of narrative gives players the opportunity to explore the perspectives and sexuality expression of Asian-American high-schoolers – Meeting the Queer You criteria.

- Diverse representation of non-white and non-labelled queer characters. Only one main character is comfortable with using the contemporary Western language labels to define her Sexuality.

- Various gender identities are represented within the world.

- Available in English, Polish, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Farsi

- Created by queer Chinese-American developer Brianna Lei

- Game is available for free on - Players can donate any price to support the creator. Donations of 5USD or more will be rewarded with a PDF of bonus art.

Content Warning:
- Brief written depictions of parental emotional and physical abuse. Use of ableist slurs and discussions of racism and homophobia.

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