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Avery Alder

© Avery Alder

Dream Apart/Dream Askew

Dream Askew and Dream Apart are beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging. They give you tools to tell a story about marginalised people living together in precarious community. In Dream Askew, that community is a queer enclave enduring the collapse of civilization. In Dream Apart, it's a Jewish shtetl in a fantastical-historical Eastern Europe. They both feature a no dice, no masters system that emphasizes collaboration, shared ownership, and character-driven play.

- Players exist in worlds that are inherently queer and push focus on marginalised communities. The given the tabletop roleplaying dynamic, players are given roles that allows them to explore the queer perspectives of others – Meeting both Queer World and Queer You criteria.

- Available as a small book and as a digital PDF

- Created by Avery Alder, a queer game designer who often does talks and workshops on role-playing games and queer identity.

- Accessible pricing. The store offers a discount if you are living in poverty or experience barriers within the games community.

Content Warning:
- Contains themes of violence, gangs, war, oppression and anti-Semitism.

- In regards to the themes, the content notes state "When you play, your group can decide what to focus on and what to avoid, and tools are included to make that process easier".

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