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Jacob Jaskov/Hush Hush Projects

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Fog of Love


Romantic roleplaying board game for two players. Fog of Love casts two players as two halves of a couple, living out a romantic comedy through a series of short snippets or scenes within their lives. Players will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work. When you first meet you will know very little about each other, but over the course of the game, the way you each deal with different situations will start to give you insights into each other’s personality, until ultimately you decide if you should stay together or break up.

- Players are able to construct their own sexuality expression through the boardgame's roleplaying relationship mechanic – Meeting Queer Me criteria.

- Available in alternate box covers that improve its depiction of LGBTQ+ relationships – designed by Nikki Valens, a non-binary transgender game designer.

- Revised content introduces improved handling of LGBTQ+ topics. Rewording and additional options for narrative choices are more inclusive. One notable example would be removing the requirement for a player to become pregnant in a particular choice, now with an expanded option of adoption.

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