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A rogue-lite hack and slash dungeon crawler in which Zagreus, son of Hades the Greek god of the dead, attempts to escape his home and his oppressive father by fighting the souls of the dead through the various layers of the ever-shifting underworld, while getting to know and forging relationships with its inhabitants.

- Players exist in an ancient god world that is inherently queer but are also given the opportunity to explore their own sexuality expression – Meeting both Queer World and Queer Me criteria.

- One of the titular Greek primordial deities in the narrative is non-binary.

- The protagonist, Zagreus, is described by the game developers as “either bisexual or pansexual” as the “ancient world of gods, mortals, shades, creatures, and more, you love who you love and those relationships are judged on their merits, and that’s it”

- Players can choose to pursue romantic relationships with other characters, and can also pursue multiple as polyamory is welcomed.

- Asexuality and Aromance is portrayed between two characters in a positive and valid way

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