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If Found...


If Found… is a short visual-novel style game about relationships and searching for connection. The narrative is told through diary entries and presents the player the emotional intricacies of growing up, coming out and finding love.

- Players unravel the diary the protagonist and follow their queer journey through the narrative. This gives players the opportunity to explore a queer perspective of the protagonist - Meeting the Queer You criteria

- The protagonist, Kasio McHugh, is a young queer transgender woman.

- Lead designer Llaura McGee and head of the studio Dreamfeel, is a transgender woman.

- The team behind If Found is composed of many queer, transgender and nonbinary developers.

- The game presents players with a significant choice in the late half of the game. This choice and varied positive possibilities is used to express queer agency.

- The writing purposely avoids aggressive tropes like dead naming and using transgender identity as a “twist” reveal.

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