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Happy Ray Games

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Ikenfell is a contemporary take on a Retro-Style RPG, with turn-based combat and a charming cast of characters. The narrative follows the character of Maritte Hildegaard, a girl trying to get into Ikenfell School of Magic to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance.

- Players exist in a world that is abound in magic and queer characters, offering players an alternative fictional worldview with very real relationship depictions – Meeting the Queer World criteria.

- The characters featured in Ikenfell are very diverse, with several POC and LGBTQ characters. In the players party specifically, there are multiple queer identities. There are two notable characters who are non-binary and use they/them and ze/zir pronouns.

- The narrative of Ikenfell deals with the theme of trauma and the importance of dealing with trauma rather than repressing it.

- Mental health is a prominent subject and Ikenfell has a setting to turn on content warnings for the applicable cutscenes (which are also skippable) and for playable sections with potentially triggering material.

- The combat has options to tailor it’s difficulty to players needs – making it more accessible to interact with.

- The team behind Ikenfell is formed of multiple queer creators and creators of colour.

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