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Our Life: Beginnings & Always


Our Life: Beginnings & Always is visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. Create an experience that is all your own in this near-fully customizable, choice-heavy story.

- Players are able to construct the sexuality expression of the protagonist alongside customisation options for the love interest – Depending how the player self identifies, this can meet both the Queer Me and Queer You criteria.

- Experience a feel-good simulation that places the player through 2 periods of life (childhood, adolescence, and young adult), where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support.

- The name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he, she, or they) for the player is customisable.

- Players can change their character's details however they like as they grow and progress through the game, including transitioning to new pronouns

- Relationships are dynamically altered by the players choices - their personality, feelings, and preferences are reflected in the story as characters remember who you are and their experiences with you.

- Available for free on and Steam

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