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Sibel's Journey


A computer game created by ‘Food for Thought – Playful Learning’ that approaches gender, sexuality, bodies and personal boundaries. In Sibel’s Journey, the player takes on the role of 13-year-old Sibel, who gets to know different ways of living and loving during an exciting weekend in Berlin.

- Players explore the world alongside Sibel and her diverse group of friends, giving players the opportunity to explore a range of queer perspectives – Meeting the Queer You criteria.

- The Sibel’s Journey Instagram also utilises their social media as a resource to highlight and bring awareness to terms such as “intersectionality” and the benefits of video games in education.

- Pledge rewards include sex education training packages and educational workshops using Sibels Journey as a framework for reflection and discussion.

- Progress in the game will introduce players to intersectional and in-depth knowledge and positive attitudes towards the diversity of sexualitites, genders and bodies.

- Cast of characters feature a diverse range of people of colour, sexualities and gender identities, as well as a character who uses a wheelchair.

- Supported by various LGBT educational organisations in Germany to ensure the game is included in youth work, school work and teacher training.

- The team behind Sibel’s journey consists of women, migrants, non-binary, transgender and queer people.

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