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Greg Bayles

© 2020 Greg Bayles

Super Bearded Dragons

Planned Release: 2021

Super Bearded Dragons is a platform fighting game featuring bearded drag queens. By Blending fighting games and queer cultures, players can explore a queer new world of samurai drag queen in the world’s first drag fighting game.

- Players are able to select from a range of drag queens and kings in a gameplay environment that is inspired by queer culture - Meeting the Queer World criteria

- Planned release for PC and Nintendo Switch. Currently in the early access phase.

- Explores themes such as identity and self-acceptance

- Players select from a diverse range of contenders of both drag queens and kings

- Combat moves and environmental design are heavily inspired by drag and queer culture

- Offers varied and alternative win conditions and play styles to suit players needs – Increasing the accessibility of play

- Created by queer solo-developer and drag queen Greg Bayles

- During the development, Bayles spoke with drag performers, artists and activists to ensure they were highlighting non-dominant LGBTQ+ stories in a respectable but humorous way

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