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Aliza A Courtney

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This Body of Mine, I Will Make it a Temple


This Body of Mine, I will Make it a Temple is a single player introspective tabletop roleplaying game about mechs, recovering from a war time mindset, and making something your own through radical change. It is a game about trans experiences told through a fictional lens of a mech pilot coming home from war and trying to decide what their machine commonly used for death and destruction will become in times of peace.

This game also includes a small section with alternate rules to play this as a single player epilogue to any campaign you feel your character needs to retire, make peace with what they've done, and heal from the trauma they have both caused and endured.

- It is an allegorical exploration of being trans and coming to terms with your body’s journey. Using Tarot cards, players are able to experience and construct their identity of their character – Meeting the Queer Me criteria.

- It is informed by the creator’s personal experiences as a trans woman and how she has navigated gender in the past.

- To play this game you will need: A deck of tarot cards, some pen and paper, and tokens of some sort.

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