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Avery Alder

© Avery Alder

Variations on Your Body

Variations on Your Body is a collection of four tabletop roleplaying games, meant to be played in the margins of your life. Several of these solo pervasive games are about queerness, all are about the confusing and liberatory process of embodiment.

- Given the tabletop roleplaying dynamic, players are able to construct and explore the facets of their identity with the textual prompts – Meeting the Queer Me criteria.

Within this collection are the games:
- Teen Witch – Originally released in 2011. A game of teenage girlhood, practicing witchcraft, and discovering your secret beauty.
- Brave Sparrow – Originally released in 2013. A game of recovering your feathers and slowly rebuilding your wings.
- Universal Translator - A game about discovering what it is like being lost in translation, within a galaxy-spanning realm.
- Good Bones - A game about depression, bringing your bones to life and learning to ask them for help.
- We've Been Stranger Things – Originally presented in 2014. An essay that prompts interactive reflection. It's about the importance of impossibility models for making sense of ourselves.

- Available as a small book and as a digital PDF

- Created by Avery Alder, a queer game designer who often does talks and workshops on role-playing games and queer identity.

- Accessible pricing. Brave Sparrow is available for free on the website. In addition, the store offers a discount if you are living in poverty or experience barriers within the games community.

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